If you’re interested in volunteering for the 2024 Belgian Transplantoux Games, sign up here. This is a general interest sign-up. You’ll receive an email notification when the official volunteer registration site opens, allowing you to choose specific volunteer shifts.

The Belgian Transplantoux Games unites hundreds of participants for a weekend-long celebration honoring donors, recipients, and their families. This remarkable event relies on the dedication of numerous volunteers eager to contribute to something special and impactful. Although September 2024 may seem distant, start planning now for you or your organization to join the fun as a volunteer.
Many volunteers invite their friends and family to join them in this experience. We also welcome corporations, community clubs, sports teams, and other organizations that wish to collaborate in supporting our amazing event.

What do volunteers do?

There are numerous ways you can help, from greeting and assisting our athletes to lending a hand during competitions and special events. Each volunteer shift lasts a few hours, and you can choose any available volunteer activity that interests you.